Ensuring that the connectivity and reliability of countries’ national power grid extends offshore is a key part of SBSS’s portfolio. Whether that is connecting offshore energy generation facilities to the grid, or providing interconnections for archipelagic and island communities, SBSS are able to support these critical development projects with our extensive experience in engineering, planning and installing subsea power cables.

Using our advanced DP vessels, specially modified for the unique handling requirements of power cables, we ensure these high-risk projects are delivered by a capable contractor who understands there is no margin for error.

Building on our close working relationships with the region’s key power cable manufacturers, and employing strategically-located assets, we’re able to offer power cable installation, interconnections, burial and maintenance solutions, helping provide the infrastructure and resource needed to support the exponential growth in power demand in the region.

Projects Customer Year Work Max Depth(m)
Inspection of the Hainan 500kV Cable System China Southern Grid 2016 survey of the 31 km submarine cable route and repair 100
Jindo_Jeju Cable Survey LSC 2015 Subsea power cables survey 100
Isla Margerita Power Cable Installation LSC 2014 Installation and burial of 2 x 35km 132kV power cables 75
Korea Jindo-Jejudo Power Cable Post Burial Operation LS Cable & System 2012 22km Power cable 3m post burial 60
Korea Jindo-Jejudo Submarine Cable Recovery Installation LS Cable & System 2012 Installed 15km of bundled cables and 22km of fiber optic cables 60
500kV Hainan Grid Submarine Cable Inspection EHV Power Transmission Company / China Southern Power Grid 2011 500kV Submarine Power Cable Post-Burial Inspection 100
Voith Power Cable Voith 2010 Installed 3.5km 11kV power cable for a tidal current turbine system 40
Korea 154kV Power Cable Haechun 2010 Simultaneous lay a twin 154kV/ 203mm diametered power cable total length 14km 40
Basslink Power Cable PLIB Pirelli 2005 Chartered as DP2 vessel to support power cable PLIB -