Double happiness at the door: SBSS win two projects in one week.

SBSS are happy to announce the successful signing of two contracts last week: the Hainan OBS Phase 3 project, and the Wando-Jinsan project with Haechun, both of which contribute to SBSS’ leading role in the subsea cable industry.

OBS is a subsea observation cable system in Chinese Waterson which SBSS will conduct cable recovery and re-trenching works. Over the past two years, SBSS has successfully completed phase I and II of OBS, one of China State High-Tech Development Plan projects, thus continuing their participation in this key strategic industry by using their experience of OBS installation techniques to plan, engineerand execute the subsea solution. With the industry still in its infancy in China, SBSS is pleased to support its growth through technical problem solving and successful delivery.

Wando-Jinsan is a 13.2km power cable installation project in Korean waters, with the additional application of 11km cast iron pipe plus 9km ROV trenching for enhanced protection in the strong current conditions at the project site.

Both Hainan OBS and the Wando-Jinsan projects will commence shortly with CS Fu An and CS Fu Hai already undergoing mobilizations for the projects.


About SBSS:
S.B. Submarine Systems Co., Ltd. (SBSS) is China’s leading provider of subsea cable installation services and one of the key submarine cable installers in Asia. Established in Shanghai in 1995 as a joint venture between China Comservice and Global Marine Systems Ltd of the UK, SBSS are a technology-driven marine installation company who own and operate a fleet of advanced, versatile and fully integrated cable ships.