SBSS Wrap up First Turnkey Power Cable Project

SBSS has successfully completed the installation and commissioning of the 33kv submarine cable connection between Barobkundo and Swandip on behalf of the Bangladesh Power Development Board.


After signing the Contract in early 2017 SBSS have, together with their project partners ZTT, completed the Bangladesh power infrastructure construction just before Chinese New Year, marking an important contribution to the ‘One Belt One Road’ infrastructure program. The two power cables were installed across the 15km route ahead of schedule with up to 6 meter burial depth through SBSS overcoming the challenges of currents and weather, difficult landing conditions and lack of local logistics.


SBSS’s Managing Director Darren Lam said “SBSS is honored to partner ZTT in the turn-key development and delivery of Bangladesh 33kv Submarine Power Cable Project. The SBSS Team went on to install the power cable, over-coming many obstacles and challenges, and delivered it successfully. It was a wonderful cooperation, and a huge step to demonstrate the joint effort and contribution towards the “One-Belt-One-Road” initiative. Congratulation to Bangladesh Power Development Board!”


““It is the first long distance submarine composite power cable project in Bangladesh. It is also a challenging job due to 2*15km without any joint, lack of local resources, deep burial depth and long landing distance. We are happy to work with SBSS as our installation partner, overcome all the obstacles and achieve successful installation in early February 2018. We are proud that we can provide a reliable power supply to the people in Swandip island, Bangladesh and contribute to China’s “One Belt One Road”initiative.”” said Tom Qu, Managing Director of ZTT International Limited.