Job Title Ship Superintendent Location Shanghai
Reports To The Ship Superintendent reports to the Fleet operations Director, and is accountable to the Fleet operations Director.
Role The Ship Superintendent shall have the qualifications and experience to enable him to manage SBSS vessels safely, with due regard for Company Policy, statutory legislation, International maritime treaties, classification society rules, client and charterer’s requirements.
Duties And Responsibilities

1        Ensure that SBSS as a company and all SBSS vessels managed under his management (‘the vessels’)comply with all present statutory safety and environmental regulations, both Domestic and International..

2        Monitor incoming legislation to ensure that the vessels will be ready to comply with such legislation when it comes into force.

3        Ensure that the vessels are managed safely, efficiently and effectively, with due regard for statutory legislation and recommendations, classification society rules, Company Policy, clients and charterer’s requirements.

4        Arrange for the carrying out of all necessary surveys and inspections to in order that the ships are correctly certified at all times.

5        Ensure that he liases effectively with the vessels and hence keeps himself informed of all aspects of the ships operations, especially any new emerging or potential problems. So that all the vessels are managed effectively in both technical and finance.

6        Ensure that thevessels budgets are maintained within the approved limits. Any deviations or potential deviations are to be brought to the Fleet operations Director attention.

7        Ensure that monthly utilisation, safety, technical and financial reports are submitted to the Fleet operations Director.

8        Ensure that the Ship Management meets the requirements of the ALL relative company management system, including but not limited to ISO and ISM management systems.

9        Ensure that ships under his management are dry-docked at the prescribed periods; produce the dry-dock specification for competitive tendering and supervise the dry-docking.

10    Ensure that the vessels are at all times kept at an agreed state of readiness. If, for any reason, this cannot be achieved he must immediately inform the Fleet operations Director and other involved parties such as, but not limit to Project director, Maintenance manager, Commercial, and Finance Directors..

11    Ensure that the manning for vessels, plant and equipment are such they meet statutory, safety and operational requirements

12    To be aware of the effective date of the vessels’ technology certificates, monitor these certificates’ extension, renew and endorsement, and arrange ships’ classification survey; to assess ship equipment refit, update and modification plan, and propose suggestions to the Fleet operations Director; to sort out technical descriptions with requisite drawings for the Fleet operations Director, and file up.

13    Responsible to review the shipboard regular operations procedure of the vessels, and ensure the procedures are effectively implemented on his designated vessel.

14    To participate investigation of ships accident and analysis, establish preventive actions and report to the Fleet operations Director, and arrange necessary repair.

15    To manage the vessels down time within the company targets.

16    To be a member of company emergency response team. According to the emergency commander’s instruction, make out emergency plan, provide technical support.

17    To have good knowledge of requirements to ship spare parts setting out in ship survey regulations, assess annual plan for engine spare parts. To approve spare parts purchase application, inspect and supervise the vessels spare parts. 

18    To complete other relative work his line manager may give to him professionally.


1. Class A chief officer or Second Engineers Certificate (or above) of Competency.

2. Previous Shipboard Experience of at least 5 years, prefer to have chief officer or second engineer (or above experience). ultimately as Master or Chief Engineer.

3. Previous experience as a Ship Superintendent or similar role (e.g. ship building sector).

4. Previous experience in an office at significant managerial level or engineering management.

5.  Knowledge of modern ship management practice and international safety requirements for ships.

6. A working knowledge of international quality management standards and their requirements.

7.  Excellent understanding and ability in written, reading and spoken English.

8. Excellent use the Microsoft office.

9.  Capable to use Auto-CAD to create basic Auto-CAD drawing.

10.  Excellent IT Capability, for both software and hardware management including the company and ships servers.

11.  Age less than thirty years old when application the SSUP position, 35 years if had master or chief engineer experience.

If you're interested in applying for this job please send your CV and covering letter to sbss.hr@sbss.com.cn