HP-1500 is mobilized on Fu Hai

The SBSS HP-1500 plough, an advanced subsea cable burial tool which can achieve up to 3.3m trench depth whilst simultaneously laying cable, has completed mobilization on the SBSS vessel CS Fu Hai.

The HP-1500 plough, manufactured by SMD, has two different configurations: 2.2m standard jetting share, 3.3m extension boot jetting share. The newly designed buoyant umbilical enables the HP-1500 plough to bury cable with a jetting share up to 1500 meters water depth. Equipped with powerful submersible water jetting packages, the HP-1500 plough is able to precisely bury cables of varied types including telecommunication, power and umbilical cable in a wide variety of seabed conditions.

Now equipped with the new HP-1500 class-leading subsea plough, SBSS demonstrate our commitment to providing sustainable high quality service to our customers by continuing to invest in new technologies.