SBSS welcomes delegates from Marine Silk Road-seminar

On 6th July 2017, 36 delegates from the “Seminar on the Construction and Development of Submarine Optical Cable for the Countries along the Marine Silk Road”, visited SBSS’ cable ship, the Fu An and our cable depot in Wujing. The participants were from a number of Asian and African countries and consisted mainly of various government officials.


During the visit, SBSS showcased the various parts of the Wujing depot which is capable of providing bonded storage services for submarine cables, repeaters, branching units and other submersible equipment on behalf of cable owners and system suppliers. After a tour of the depot, the delegates were given a tour of the Fu An itself, including the bridge, the jointing room, the cable deck and ROV equipment.


In July we will have more than 150 people from across the submarine telecommunications industry visiting the SBSS facilities, and we are looking forward to showing them our depot and our ships, and how SBSS help to connect the world!


S. B. Submarine Systems Co., Ltd. (SBSS) is one of Asia’s leading provider of subsea cable installation services. Established in Shanghai in 1995, SBSS is a technology-driven marine installation company, which owns and operates a fleet of advanced, versatile and fully integrated cable installation vessels to install more than 46000km subsea cables.