SBSS supports China Telecom in showcasing the capability of a worldwide network.

“Captain Tony Wang, the Master of C. S. Bold Maverick, reporting to you. We are transiting the South China Sea to install a new submarine telecommunications cable in Southeast Asia. The crew are actively preparing.” On 20th Sep, 2016, the first day of the PT/EXPO CHINA, Miao Wei, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology of the P.R. China, who was visiting the Exhibition spoke with Caption Tony Wang onboard the C.S. Bold Maverick by the online video connection whilst the ship was en route to her next project.


C. S. Bold Maverick is owned and operated by S. B. Submarine systems Co., Ltd (SBSS), a joint venture company based in Shanghai and established by China Communication Services (a subsidiary of China Telecom) and Global Marine Systems Ltd. SBSS is Asia’s leading provider of subsea cable installation services with more than 21 years experience owning and operating three cable ships.


During the exhibition, the bridge and deck of Bold Maverick were broadcasting to the world by video connection, demonstrating the high-bandwidth transmission capability of China Telecom and the hi-tech and professional subsea cable installation of SBSS in service of the global network. Tony Hu, the vice managing director of SBSS took the time to explain to exhibition visitors what was involved with the installation of submarine cables, as well as what life on a global cable ship was like.


To date SBSS has installed more than 43,000km of subsea cables; equivalent to more than a full circle around the equator. Just prior to the exhibition commencing, two of SBSS’s other vessels Fu Hai and Fu An had been scrambled at short notice to the East China Sea to urgently repair one of the submarine cables which connected China to the US, in time for it to be back in service before the G20 meeting recently held in Hangzhou.