China ComService Vice President Visit Bold Maverick

9th July 2015, Mr. Xu Chuguo, Vice President of China ComService, Mr. Liu Yuefeng, SBSS Chairman of the Board and Vice Managing Director of CCS Shanghai, and Mr. Wu Guoan, Vice Managing Director of CCS Shanghai visited SBSS cable ship Bold Maverick.

Since Bold Maverick berthed at Wu Jing depot at 09:45 in the morning of 9th July, Tony Hu, SBSS Vice Managing Director gave a presentation of SBSS development strategy and recent status at Wujing Depot meeting room first. Mr. Xu listened carefully and also made some important comments. As the shareholder of SBSS, CCS recognized the outstanding performance of SBSS over recent years and also actively looked ahead for the prospects in telecom and offshore markets in the future. 

Afterwards, accompanied by Tony Hu, Tom Qiu (Fleet Operations Director) and Ronald Xu (Project Director), CCS and CCS Shanghai VIP guests visited Bold Maverick for a full vessel tour of SBSS’s flagship power cable installation vessel. Mr. Xu was very keen to listen to the introduction by both Captain and Tom Qiu and he also had very friendly communication with the British Captain Mr. Adrian Max Flower.