• 1995

    S. B. Submarine Systems Co., Ltd. (SBSS) was established in 1995 as an equity joint venture in Shanghai in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) by Telecom Bureau of Ministry of Post and Telecom of PRC and Great Eastern Telecommunications of the United Kingdom.

    The cable vessels of Flexiservice 3,You Dian 1 & Hong Yan 6 joined the SBSS fleet at the Company’s formation.

    SBSS’s first project completed: CKC – 540km between PRC and Korea

    SBSS Signature of Joint Venture Establishment

    Cable vessel You Dian 1

    After CKC Landing in QingDao

  • 1996

    With the support of capital and technology, SBSS developed quickly, installing the first international systems in 1996: APCN and Jakarta-Surabaya

    Working Onboard CS Fu Lai on APCN

  • 1997

    SBSS entered the Yokohama Zone Maintenance Agreement with their Cable Ship Fu Lai

    SBSS completed their deepest water project:KDD-SCS

    Visiting CS SOVEREIGN


    The Cable Ship: Fu Lai

  • 1998

    Wujing Depot of SBSS was approved as submarine cable system self-use bonded warehouse by Shanghai customs

    WuJing Depot

  • 1999

    The UK investor transferred its shareholding to Global Crossing Ltd.

    First Project completed in the USA: The 2,457km North Star cable system between Alaska and Mainland US

    CS Fu Lai installing the Northstar Cable System

  • 2000

    Vessel Fu Hai (formerly Maersk Repeater) was taken into SBSS and cable barge Fu Xing was built; ROV ST202 & Hi-Plough were purchased by SBSS

    CS FuHai in the German shipyard

    signature ceremony of CS FuHai

  • 2001

    SBSS Longest cable lay & First Hi-plough 3m burial project: the 4,841km APCN2


    In Front of GMSL Office

  • 2002

    SBSS has contributed a lot towards the foundation network construction of Internet and telecoms since our foundation, resulting in many great achievements, such as China-US Project, APCN2 Project, China RailCom Hainan Project , etc.

    By end of 2002, SBSS has completed more than 26000km subsea cable installation and 8200km subsea cable burying and the max depth was up to 7200 meters.

    Captain Wang Hua standing on the Helideck of CS Fu Lai

  • 2003

    SBSS began cooperating with Hallin Marine Systems to mark their entry into the offshore energy industry

    First power cable project, including the first power cable J-tube pull-in: Dong Fang Gas Field in the South China Sea

    Cable Ship You Dian 1 was retired

    Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication Leaders Visiting SBSS

  • 2004

    SBSS First Dive Support Vessel (DSV) project: India PY3 Field

    DSV work

    SBSS MD-Douglas attent the meeting in BeiJing and was awarded ' Friendship Prize'

  • 2005

    The UK investor transferred its shareholding to Global Marine Systems Ltd.

    SBSS First Project in Australia: PLIB for the BassLink Project

    BassLink Project

  • 2006

    SBSS changed the assets strategy and Cable Ship Fu Lai was sold

    SBSS First Project in Russia: 199km Russia-Sakhalin cable system

    Fu Lai in Sakhalin for DSV work

  • 2007

    SBSS completed the landing & installation of the trans-pacific express (TPE) at QingDao sucessfully.

    The Ceremory of TPE QingDao Landing

  • 2008

    SBSS developed sucessfully and kept the leading role in Telecom and Oil & Gas industries

    Captain Zhao Bo

  • 2009

    The Chinese investor transferred its shareholding to Industrial Assets Management Center of China

    SBSS got the project in Indian Ocean :  IMEWE

    SBSS at OGA

    Group Picture with the Anti-Piracy Team

  • 2010

    SBSS purchased Wave Mercury which is renamed‘Fu An’

    SBSS purchased ROV III with deep trenching capability of up to 3m burial

    SBSS Biggest Power Cable Twin Lay (154kV, Cable Diameter 203mm) with uraduct: Hwawon Anjwa Power Cable Installation in Korea

    Korea Power Cable Project

  • 2012

    5 Years Yokohama Zone Service Provider Contract was signed

    SBSS completed their first Oil & Gas Project in the key strategic region of Saudi Arabia, Middle East:17 separate cables of a combined 70km installed on the KJO project
    SBSS established Shanghai Jian Long ROV Technology Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary

    The Chinese investor transferred its shareholding to China Communications Services Corporation Limited.

    KJO Project Signature


    The establishment ceremony of Jian Long ROV Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 2013

    SBSS expanded their activity in the offshore oil and gas market with bundled fibre optic and power cables installed in Qatar for Subtech, and umbilical and power cables installed in Indonesia for Shell and Swiber.

    Bold Maverick Laying Cables to Platform

  • 2014

    SBSS installed subsea cables for telecoms, Oil & Gas and Utilities sectors, including their first project in Latin America: Isla Margerita – Chacopata, Venezuela.

    SBSS signing contract with LS Cable


    Venezuela Project

  • 2015

    SBSS celebrates twenty years at the top in Asia

    • Over 41,000km of submarine cables installed, equivalent to 24% of all cable installed in the Asia region
    • Played a key role in more than 90 of Asia’s major telecommunications, oil and gas and power utility infrastructure projects
    • Undertaken 112 fibre optic cable repairs as an ever-present service provider to the Yokohama Zone for more than seventeen years
    • In excess of 40 power cable installation projects completed in the region, including the simultaneous lay of twin 154kV, 203mm power cables