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  • Located in Wujing, Shanghai, SBSS’s cable storage depot is capable of providing bonded storage services for submarine cable, repeaters, branching units and other submersible plant on behalf of cable owners and system suppliers. Principally utilized for the storage of telecommunications cable system spares, the facility was expanded during in 2001 with a total storage capacity of 3,841 cubic meters, and offers a strategic location for power cable and Oil & Gas operators spare equipment, with easy loading access on SBSS’s dedicated vessel berth.

    No. of Tanks Twenty (20)
    Dimensions of Tanks 10× Volume 100m3
        Load 270 ton
      Volume 256m3
        Load 966 ton
      Volume 301m3
        Load 1,037 ton
      Volume 270m3
        Load 746 ton
    Storage Capacity Cable 3,841m3
      Repeater/BU 231m2
      Joint box 354m2
    Berthing Capability Water depth 7m
      Length 150m
    Facilities (loading/discharging etc.) 1 x one tonne cable hauler
      1 x 1.5 tonne cable hauler
      1 x five tonne fork lift
      turn sheaves
      Cable ways etc.
    Cable - Sheltered cable tanks, free from direct sunlight
      - Cable tanks can be filled with water, if required, with both ends left accessible to perform testing
      - Cable ends are sealed to prevent moisture penetration
    Repeater / Branching Unit - Climate controlled store room, free from direct sunlight
      - Temperature is 24 hours controlled within 0-30 degrees C
      - Cable tails are sealed
    Joint Box - Dry condition
    Working Hours - On a 8-hour per day and 5-day per week basis (normal working time)
      - Provide 24-hour service, if required